A Guide to BUY SOLIDWORKS in India

A Guide to BUY SOLIDWORKS in India

This article is written to provide basic insights to people about SOLIDWORKS license options, and SOLIDWORKS price options


SOLIDWORKS software is a proprietary product of Dassault Systemes SOLIDWORKS Incorporation, USA. The Dassault Systemes group is headquartered in France. SOLIDWORKS (OEM) has a presence in India, let’s term it as SOLIDWORKS India. SOLIDWORKS India has developed a high-quality reseller base in India. Mr.PM.Ravikumar and Mr.Ravi Varadarajan (Late) are the architects of SOLIDWORKS India. They have cultivated a hygienic sales culture and tuned in resellers to help customers. SOLIDWORKS India and SOLIDWORKS Reseller have around 1000 engineers and executives working in full time!

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SOLIDWORKS Leaders Meet in India, 2020

SOLIDWORKS Reseller in India

SOLIDWORKS Incorporation sells their SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD, 3D Experience SOLIDWORKS, DraftSight, SOLIDWORKS Simulation, SOLIDWORKS PDM and SOLIDWORKS Electrical software through their authorized resellers in India.  

  1. SOLIDWORKS Reseller helps the customer to choose the correct SOLIDWORKS solutions and services. They can elaborate and suggest SOLIDWORKS Licenses and SOLIDWORKS price options.
  2. SOLIDWORKS Reseller provide expert training to customer and help them to optimize SOLIDWORKS usage
  3. They Support a customer with technical issues and fixes with minimal or no downtime
  4. Most SOLIDWORKS resellers get involved with a customer to a better level to guide them in achieving their company goals. However, the level of engagement is a choice of the customer.

How many SOLIDWORKS resellers are there in India to choose from?

There are around 40 SOLIDWORKS resellers across India. They represent SOLIDWORKS in their affiliated territories for their assigned products. In Tamilnadu, Coimbatore alone has four certified resellers to represent SOLIDWORKS commercial edition.

How to find a SOLIDWORKS reseller in my region? How to get SOLIDWORKS Price?

Here is the SOLIDWORKS website link to locate a reseller.Click the link,
Select your country, and provide your postal code. You will get the list of resellers in your region and their contacts. You can directly get in touch with them for SOLIDWORKS bundles, SOLIDWORKS price and support options

Can I buy SOLIDWORKS online?

Legal SOLIDWORKS commercial, education, and research editions are NOT sold online on any website. They are sold only through an appointed reseller. SOLIDWORKS student access license is sold online here https://www.solidworks.com/studentstore. Alternatively, Colleges who have SOLIDWORKS software with an active subscription have access to student license serial. Student can approach their internal CAD-CAM staff to access them.

Can I buy DraftSight 2D CAD online in India?

You can buy DraftSight Standard, Professional, and Premium editions online. You can purchase Draftsight enterprise and enterprise plus editions through any SOLIDWORKS reseller in your region.
To explore and purchase Draftsight 2D CAD check here https://cadsolutionscbe.com/draftsight-2d-cad/

What is the Applicable Tax for Software licenses purchase in India?

For industry, 18% GST is applicable for software license purchases. If you are purchasing from within your state this 18% GST is equally divided between CGST and SGST. If you are purchasing from other states this 18% GST will be accounted for IGST. The input tax credit can be claimed for the investment. Additionally Government of India supports MSME with a subsidy for technology up-gradation. Check here for details

Which SOLIDWORKS edition should I purchase?

  • Industry and for-profit organizations – SOLIDWORKS Commercial Edition
  • College (or) University – SOLIDWORKS Education edition for instructional purpose
  • College (or) University – SOLIDWORKS Research edition for research and development purposes. The research work may be industry-funded, still, the purpose of research should be for non-profit
  • Private Training Institutions – Private training institutions can set up SOLIDWORKS AUTHORISED TRAINING CENTRE (SATC) with a commitment to quality facilities. They also have the option to just purchase SOLIDWORKS Education edition for private career school
  • Students – Students can avail the student access license either from your institute or purchase the same from SOLIDWORKS store
  • Startups and Incubatee – Startups may have to opt for commercial licenses. We, at Coimbatore Cad Solutions Pvt Ltd, support startups with required sponsorship, software tools, and training. Feel free to contact us for details.

About Coimbatore Cad Solutions Pvt Ltd

We Coimbatore Cad Solutions Pvt Ltd are a SOLIDWORKS reseller in India. We represent the SOLIDWORKS Industry, Education, and Research Editions. Do get in touch with us for your SOLIDWORKS requirements. Call our engineers on 9786300022 / 9566920030 / 9786300033 and have your technical and commercial queries answered. You may also check with other resellers to know their specialty. Please use the reseller locator link provided above to get their contact details.

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