SOLIDWORKS Installation Procedure

SOLIDWORKS Installation Procedure

SOLIDWORKS Installation and Activation:

The error-free installation of Solidworks is more vital for the proper working of the software. The following steps will guide you to do a successful installation without the backup of software.


  • Operating System: Windows 10 64 bit
  • Deactivate Antivirus
  • Ensure Proper Internet Connection

Step 1 : Go to in the right-hand side top corner, you can find the login symbol (Ref Fig1). Click on login selects Solidworks Customer Portal.

solidworks installation

Step 2 : Enter the Email Id and Password select Login

Step 3 : In the customer portal under the Download Section select Downloads and Updates.

Step 4 : In the download you can choose your version of SolidWorks and required Service Packs. Select SolidWorks 2020 sp3.

solidworks installation
solidworks installation

Step 5 : It will direct to downloading page click on Download Button

Step 6 : The SolidWorks SetupWill be downloaded. Double click and extract it.

Step 7 : On completion of Extraction. The setup file will be initiated. Select Install on this computer and click Next.

Step 8 : Enter the 24-Digit Serial Number(License Key) Click Next.

Step 9 : In the Summary Pagego to Change, Check off all the check box other than the following.

  • SolidWorks
    • EDrawing

Step10 : Select Back to Summary, Leave remaining Default.

Step 11 : Check on I accept terms check box go to. Note it show amount of data will be download and installed.

Step 12 : Go to Download and Install.

solidworks installation


After the fresh installation or update of software, the license requires an activation. This activation can be done online (Over the Internet). The following steps will guide to successfully activate or reactivate the license.

Step1: Double Click on the software. Select “I want to activate my SOLIDWORKS Product Now.” Go to Next.

solidworks activation

Step2: Ensure “Automaticaly over the internet” radio button is on. And Select all Click on Next

Step 3: Wait for few minutes Activation/Reactivation Succeeded Will have appeared.

solidworks activation

Step 4: Click Finish and Open SolidWorks.