How to Take up SOLIDWORKS Exam

How to Take up SOLIDWORKS Exam

Procedure to Create Virtual Tester Account and Take up SOLIDWORKS Exam

Step 1: One the web browser and search for SolidWorks Certification Centre. Click on the first link ( below – 3DExperience Certification Center.

Step 2: In the homepage click on “Download Tester Pro Client” button on the right hand side.

3d experience certification center

Step 3: Double click and Run the application and install. Once it “Finish” automatically opens the application interface. Click “Continue” and move to the next step.


Step 4: Go to “I do not have Virtual Tester ID” Enter the personal details and Company/ Education Institution details.


  • Select “Outside US” for States Dropdown.
  • Chose the country
  • Check on “I accept the privacy policy”
  • Check on “List in Online Directory of Certificate User (Optional).

Step 5: Check the detail and click “Continue”. The account is created.

Step 6: Choose SolidWorks from the list.

exam selection

Step 7: Enter “Event Id/Voucher” for the exam. (Or) Scroll down and choose ***SampleCSWA*** or ***SampleCSWP (Segment1) ***.

solidworks sample exam

Step 8: Once the Exam is selected, the next step is to choose the language. Choose “English” click “start exam” and click “Yes” for the following confirmation dialogue box.

cswa sample

Step 9: Click “Agree” to move on.

Step 10: Read the Instruction Carefully and Start the Examination.

solidworks exam procedure