Why DraftSight is No:1 AutoCAD Alternative?

Why DraftSight is No:1 AutoCAD Alternative?

DraftSight Vs Autocad basic comparison is provided in this article. CAD Software is an essential tool in Engineering & Architectural industries. Generally, we can divide it into two categories, 2D Drafting, and 3D modeling. As drafting is an essential part of the design process, most of the 3D programs also included 2D sketching & Drafting options. There are several drafting tools available in the market. Autodesk & DassaultSystèmes has the major market presence in all industries. DraftSight is the drafting tool from DassaultSystèmes and AutoCAD is from Autodesk.

In the early 2000’s AutoCAD was the only known CAD software for every engineer. The later scenario changed, Lot of competitors arose around the globe. DraftSight is the major competitor for AutoCAD in the present market. DraftSight is the product of DassaultSystèmes, the most trustable brand in the globe. It was launched in the year 2011 as a free version to all Engineers and Students, it continued till 2019. Presently they are providing a 30 days trial for their DraftSight premium packages.

DraftSight Vs AutoCAD overview comparison

License typePerpetual (No license end date) and Subscription based (Term License)Only Subscription based (Term License)
Design2D and 3D2D and 3D
Operating SystemWindows, Mac and LinuxWindows , Mac
User Groups Free Lancers, Small, Medium, Large BusinessSmall, Medium, Large Business  
Discipline      All (civil, mechanical, architecture etc.)  All (civil, mechanical, architecture etc.)
PriceDraftsight Standard Rs.6,900/year DraftSight Premium Rs.34,900/year (as on 20/07/2020)AutoCAD LT  Rs.20,000/ year AutoCAD  Rs. 88,500/ year (As officially mentioned by Autodesk as on 20/07/2020)
Learning CurveEasy learning curveSteep learning curve
Ease of UseEasy to use due to simple and precise designDifficult to use and master due to generic domain
Trial30 days Trial available30 days Trial available
DraftSight Vs AutoCAD
Opening window: AutoCAD
Opening Window: DraftSight

DraftSight is available with different licensing options. You can choose whether it is a Subscription-based license or a perpetual license. Based on the package choosing, the license option will also change. DraftSight Standard, Professional, and Premium license available in a subscription-based model. DraftSight Enterprise & Enterprise plus licenses are available in both subscription-based and perpetual options.

DraftSight have good capability of import and export data, you can open any old cad data in DraftSight standard itself. We can load drawing files created by other applications or CAD programs of formats .dwg, .dxf,.dwf and .sat (ACIS).The drawing can be saved in any raster image formats including .dxf,.dwf, .sat (ACIS), .pdf, .bmp, .png, .jpg, and .svg.

AutoCAD provides you with only a subscription-based license option i.e. providing Monthly or yearly based subscription whereas they do not sell a perpetual license. They have different packages based on industrial verticals like AutoCAD Mechanical, Electrical, Architectural, MEP, Plant Design, etc. AutoCAD LT is a basic drafting tool from Autodesk.

Pricing and Licensing is a major concern with every industry. If you want to go for a long term project DraftSight is a better option, which provides a perpetual license and best in class support.

The companies who all are using AutoCAD for years can move to DarftSight without any data loss as both programs will read DWF, DWG, and DXF files. So file migration is not a concern for DraftSight users. DraftSight will help customers to come out of AutoCAD’s hectic price tag on yearly license charges.

DraftSight provides more freedom to use and stability


You can purchase DraftSight Standard, Professional, and Premium packages online here. DraftSight Enterprise and Enterprise plus packages are not sold online. They can be purchased through any SOLIDWORKS Authorized reseller. Say all SOLIDWORKS resellers are authorized to sell DraftSight. To explore SOLIDWORKS resellers read this blog.

Please visit the following links to get more details and technical insights about DraftSight packages. Desktop readers check here. Mobile phone readers, kindly download DraftSight Feature Matrix PDF here