AAKRUTI 2020 – Dassault Systemes Product Design Contest

AAKRUTI 2020 – Dassault Systemes Product Design Contest

Attention! Engineering Students and Future Innovators, do you want to showcase your design skills, creativity, and innate talent? Then wear your thinking hat and ideate your innovative product to match the themes of this year’s contest using 3DEXPERIENCE, SOLIDWORKS, or other Dassault Systèmes’ solutions.

AAKRUTI2020 theme


AAKRUTI is a nationwide product design contest for engineering, design, and technology students in India run by Dassault Systèmes. AAKRUTI gives the opportunity to students from all over India to come up with really innovative solutions to not only provide answers to longstanding problems but also for addressing the challenges of tomorrow – both technological and social.


Boost your innovative mind and think upon generating a unique and creative product idea based on the four themes proposed for this year’s challenge.

aakruti2020 prize details


  • Cash Prizes worth INR 3 Lakh.
  • SOLIDWORKS CSWA & CSWP vouchers to each team submitting qualified designs
  • 1 Year FREE subscription of SOLIDWORKS Student license to all AAKRUTI 2020 for the finalist teams
  • Job Opportunity to the Winning team at Dassault Systèmes India* 
  • College Trophy to the college having the maximum number of teams submitting qualified designs

Top 10 teams across India will be selected for the AAKRUTI 2020 Finale (October 12)

*Terms & conditions apply


To participate into the contest, register your team now!

  • The participating team should consist of two members only
  • Participant must be a student at any Design, Technology and Engineering college in India
  • Graduated members are not eligible for the Contest
  • Two team members from the team can be either from the same engineering year, department and college or different engineering year, department and college
  • Registration is open till July 31

Register on: https://academy.3ds.com/en/challenges/aakruti2020

Please select “Group” while registering and ensure to enter “Team name” in the Excel file. (“Single user” registration will be rejected.)

How to Win AAKRUTI Contest?

  • Register your team and product design idea
  • Follow the contest timelines and guidelines posted time to time
  • Submit your initial design concepts, start working on your product design and submit your final product design
  • Submitted final product designs will undergo evaluations based on judging criteria
  • Online zonal contests will be conducted for three zones across India
  • In total, top 30 teams (10 teams per zone) will be called upon for the online zonal contest (communication to the teams will be sent over emails), where the teams will present their product designs
  • From each zone, top three teams will be qualified for AAKRUTI 2020Finale
  • Teams selected for AAKRUTI 2020 Finale event will be called to Pune for presenting their ideas to the imminent juries from the Industry, Academia, Technology, and Social sectors

THEME 1 – Small is big


What to Design?

Think, re-engineer, simulate and validate an existing product and optimize it. The product should be lighter, small in size, energy-efficient and optimized for performance. Mandatory expectation: You are expected to modify / optimize existing product / device. Hence presenting an existing product and how it is optimized is a ‘must’.

How to Design?

Using principles of Reverse Engineering, 3D Scanning existing product, Topology Optimization and Additive Manufacturing.

Who will get Benefits?

Future Ready Engineers.

THEME 2 – Medical Devices with Innovation

AAKRUTI2020 THEME-02 Medical Devices with Innovation

What to Design?

What if, we design the medical device(s) which will help patients (rural) in critical situations? These devices should be cost-effective, energy-efficient, easy to handle and cheaper. Design a device that is innovative and will be a great boon to patients / medical practitioners.

How to Design?

Implementing the science of biomedical, bioengineering, human ergonomics, human safety, medical regulatory & norms.

Who will get Benefits?

Doctors, Physicians and Patients.

THEME 3 – Design Product for Rural Entrepreneurship

AAKRUTI2020 THEME-03 Design Product for Rural Entrepreneurship

What to Design?

If we provide ideas for products to rural youth that they can manufacture locally, can we improve their livelihood opportunities?

How to Design?

Can we boost rural entrepreneurship in the field of Agriculture, affordable energy for remote places, handicrafts, sanitation, etc. by developing product ideas with DIY kits?

Who will get Benefits?

Farmers, Rural youth and Villagers.

THEME 4 – Stop Pollution at Source

AAKRUTI2020 THEME-04 Stop Pollution at source

What to Design?

If we prevent the source of pollution, can we create a healthier environment and sustainable universe for our future generation?

How to Design?

Can we eliminate/replace the components which are causing heavy pollution, a larger carbon footprint, and increasing GHGs by eliminating problems at source?

Who will get Benefits?

Universal citizens.

AAKRUTI Contest Rules – Judging Criteria

100 Total possible points


  • Creativity (15 points)–

How innovative is theproduct?

What will be the impact on society if this product isused?

·         Originality of the concept (10points)

Is this a completely new product idea?

Is it a modification of an existing product – If yes, is this a new idea, or has it been discussed / triedbefore?

How unique is thisproduct?

·         Design Concept (10points)

Was it a very easy design or a complexdesign?

Is it easy to adapt oruse?


  • Practicality / Feasibility (10 points)–

Ease of manufacturing / cost ofmanufacturing

Feasibility of use in the intended situation & location / completeness of the proposal

·         Depth of research / Depth of the proposal (15points)

Level of detailing of theproposal

Depth of the thoughtprocess

·         Do It Yourself (15points)

DIY Report must have complete manufacturing details i.e. Objective, Bill Of Materials, RAW Material, Assembly Details, Manufacturing Details and ManufacturingDrawings

·         Detailing of Design (SW Model, Analysis and Rendering) (10points)

Level of detailing & rendering in the SW Model / ProductDesign

Use of Simulation / Analysis while creating the Model / ProductDesign

3).Jury Assessment (For Pre-Finals and Finalsround)

  • Overall Presentation (10 points)–

Is it capturing the designintent?

Has the idea been effectively presented /communicated?

·         Q&A Round (5points)

How well have the questions beenanswered?

AAKRUTI Contest Timelines:

  • Participating team should consist of two membersonly
  • Participant must be a student at any Design, Technology and Engineering college inIndia
  • Graduated members are not eligible for theContest
  • Two team members from the team can be either from same the engineering year, department, college or different engineering year, department, differentcollege
  • Registration is open till 31st July2020
  • After successful registration, every team will receive Contest IDs for future communication in theContest
Preparing Product Design:
  • Participating team will need to request access to 3DEXPERIENCE Platform andSOLIDWORKS application license. After verification, participants will receive access to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform andSOLIDWORKS
  • After successful registration and access to the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform and SOLIDWORKS, teams need to work upon detailed design of their product idea and start preparing the 3D design model usingSOLIDWORKS
Initial Design Concept Submission:
  • Participating teams will need to submit their Product Design title and short synopsis before the last date of submission of the initial designconcept
  • Initial design concept should include a short synopsis of product idea explaining the Product name, theme of the contest on which the team is submitting the product design; current challenges, short description on how your product is a solution to these challenges and the basic concept of yourproduct
  • All the details of this synopsis should be covered within 2-3 slides ofPPT
Final Product Design Submission:
  • From the start of registration, participating teams will get around 90 days to design their products in detail before the Last date of Final Submission
  • Participating team has to submit their final product design in detail including the 3D design model, MS PowerPoint presentation explaining the product design project in detail based on the guidelines and criteria of the evaluation provided by AAKRUTI 2020Contest

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