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SOLIDWORKS is easy to use so engineers, designers, and manufacturers get up to speed quickly, thereby allowing them to become productive almost immediately. In addition, SOLIDWORKS is powerful and industry-proven. It provides the depth of functionality needed to handle the most complex designs and largest assemblies.

With over 3 million users today, SOLIDWORKS has become a critical tool for streamlining the design and manufacture of products in all industries around the world. And with a matching worldwide network including online and onsite support, you can be confident that you will always find the help you need, when you need it.

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SolidWorks 3D CAD Packages

SolidWorks Standard

SolidWorks Standard Software delivers powerful functionality with an intuitive user interface to speed your design process and be productive

SolidWorks Professional

SolidWorks Professional gives you all the power of SolidWorks Standard with additional capabilities for productivity, communication and file management

SolidWorks Premium

SolidWorks Premium includes motion, powerful simulation, validation tools, wire-pipe routing functionality and reverse engineering capabilities

As the foundation of the entire SOLIDWORKS suite of product development solutions—covering design, simulation/ verification, cost estimation, manufacturability checks, CAM, sustainable design, technical communication, and data management—SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD solutions provide easy to-learn, extremely powerful functionality that shortens product development time, reduces costs, and improves quality.

• Enable design and manufacturing teams to work concurrently in one seamlessly integrated system.
• Make design changes at any time that can flow quickly and easily to all downstream departments.
• Create designs faster and more accurately, including 3D models and 2D drawings of complex parts and large assemblies.
• Work more efficiently with application-specific tools for holes, fasteners, sheet metal, injection molds, plastic and cast parts, weldments, surfacing, mesh models, reverse engineering, piping, and electrical routing.
• Output accurate Bills of Materials (BOMs) needed by manufacturing with the click of a mouse.
• Eliminate design errors and rework before designs get to manufacturing by using automatic interference checking and virtual testing of designs with integrated motion and stress analysis tools.
• “Design for cost” and “design for manufacturing” by using automatic manufacturing cost estimation tools and manufacturability checks.
• Automate CAM programming with embedded, easily customizable, rules-based machining strategies.
• Open and work with most 3D CAD data with the option to link to and work with the model in its original CAD format or convert it automatically to a SOLIDWORKS file.
• Communicate ideas more effectively using tools to create, publish, and view lifelike, photorealistic images, and videos of designs.
• Manage interactions between team members and control revisions using data management tools.
  • Streamlines product development process from design through manufacturing.

  • Eliminates rework, the duplication of work, and data translation errors.

  • Significantly reduces costs associated with supporting multiple design and manufacturing tools by implementing one seamlessly integrated design-to-manufacturing solution.

  • Enables fast and easy learning with online help and tutorials and live technical support

  • Works directly with CAD data created in any major 3D CAD system.

  • Updates documentation and BOMs automatically when designs change.

  • Uses estimation tools and manufacturability checks to “design for cost” and “design for manufacturing”.

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Customer Experience With SolidWorks


Customer Story : Burns Machinery, Inc USA

Aerospace engineer Greg Burns founded Burns Machinery, Inc. in 1981 to develop improved machinery for manufacturing seamless rolled rings, which are critical components in jet engines. The company’s vertical style ring mills machineries are used by suppliers to jet engine manufacturers, including Pratt & Whitney, Rolls Royce, and General Electric.

Burns Machinery evaluated many 3D CAD design systems. After speaking with colleagues and learning that 80 percent of the students that he encountered as a guest lecturer at the University of Reno chose SOLIDWORKS to complete senior design projects, Burns standardized on SOLIDWORKS Premium software. “I was determined to learn SOLIDWORKS quickly,” Burns recounts. “It didn’t take long, and now I live and breathe SOLIDWORKS and make great use of its large assembly and sheet metal design tools.”Burns chose CAM software integrated with SOLIDWORKS and includes intelligent machining (iMachining) technology.    “ iMachining capabilities enables us to cut a part in a fraction of the time without destroying the tool.”

Since implementing SOLIDWORKS Premium design software, Burns Machinery has shortened design cycles and accelerated proposal drawings development. The company has also enjoyed much greater design accuracy, resulting in a dramatic drop in design errors.

“The two big impacts of moving to SOLIDWORKS software are time savings and greater accuracy,” Burns stresses. “It used to take a week to produce drawings for a machine proposal. With SOLIDWORKS, developing proposal drawings for our largest machines takes 12 hours, and our design cycles are about onethird of what they used to be.”

“The transition to 3D design and iMachining via the integrated SOLIDWORKS/ CAD/CAM solution has enabled us to increase throughput, improve our bottom line, and grow revenue.”

– Greg Burns, Owner

Classic Auto CaseStudy

Customer Story : Classic Automotive Industries Ltd, India

Classic Automotive Industries Pvt. Ltd. manufactures the Arco Whitney brand of hydraulic equipment and machinery in India. The company’s products include bus bar shearing, punching, bending, and notching machines; angle/channel shearing, punching, and notching machines; special-purpose presses; portable hydraulic equipment; and associated power pack systems.
Since implementing SOLIDWORKS Premium software, Classic Automotive Industries has realized dramatic productivity improvements, cutting design cycles by more than 30 percent and reducing the time required to make design changes by 90 percent. Jadhav attributes these efficiency gains to faster modeling and drawing production in 3D, more accurate and reliable large assembly performance, and the automated creation of modular design variations using configurations.

“In 2D, we couldn’t visualize all the parts within an assembly,” Jadhav notes. “Using SOLIDWORKS, we can visualize assembly behavior, using the software’s dynamic assembly motion capabilities, and simulate machine performance, using integrated finite element analysis [FEA] tools. With SOLIDWORKS, we can check for collisions and interferences—as well as misaligned holes and features—during the design of our machines. Then, we can validate designs using physical simulation.

“Not only are we faster, allowing us to create proposals and complete designs more quickly. We are also more accurate,” Jadhav continues. “SOLIDWORKS is directly saving us time and money, and is helping us expand through the development of new products.”

“The reduction in rework afforded by SOLIDWORKS software has eliminated unnecessary costs and increased profits. With SOLIDWORKS software, we are faster, more accurate, and more cost-effective, and our move to 3D has improved customer satisfaction and confidence in our machines.”

— Sanjay Jadhav, CEO